The world is becoming more digital, and the health sector is no exception, where we go to health tips and self-diagnoses. Therefore, the founders of the Practio company saw an opportunity to combine technology with the security of patient safety that a doctor can provide. Practio develops two types of solutions: A digital access to a physician who quickly responds to common health issues and can issue a prescription for medicine. And healthcare, which, in cooperation with Practico's doctors, is carried out by trained staff at the pharmacies. "Practio's vision is to give people easier access to health. Many Danes often end up in a long telephone queue with the doctor or should physically consult the doctor to renew prescriptions for medicine. We do not believe that the healthcare sector has been good enough to make use of the opportunities that digitalization provides, "says CEO of Practio, Mads Mikkelsen, who, together with his partner, Jonas Nilsen, founded the company in 2014.