Space10's Algae Dome


Presented at the annual Chart Art Fair in Copenhagen, Space10's Algae Dome comprised a four-metre-high wooden structure wrapped in 320 metres of coiled transparent plastic tubing flowing with green microalgae. The tubing created a semi-enclosed space for visitors to sit inside, while also acting as a photo-bioreactor to produce high quantities of microalgae via photosynthesis. Microalgae – one of its more popular and marketable strains being Spirulina – is an increasingly popular food supplement that is high in protein, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. With Algae Dome, Space10 worked with architects Anna Stempniewicz, Aleksander Wadas and Rafal Wroblewski to demonstrate how buildings could be used to grow large quantities of microalgae to provide nutrition for the residents living within it. According to the research behind Algae Dome, green microalgae is one of the fastest growing organism in the world. In three days the Algae Dome produced 450 litres of green microalgae