A smart piggy-wallet for children ages 6 and up. Blockchain first, tangible, educational. Pigzbe is a part physical, part digital  connected piggy-wallet for children aged 6  and up, powered by Wollo, a family-friendly  cryptocurrency.   Pigzbe helps teach children the principles   of 21st century finance while enabling   families as microfinancing networks   to operate globally.  Wollo is the utility cryptocurrency for the next  generation, and the future of digital piggy  banking, financial education and inclusion for  anyone, anywhere. Enabled by Wollo, the Pigzbe experience (Token + App + Hardware) is designed to  replace physical money normally stored in a traditional piggy-bank with a digital  alternative that caters to modern globalised families, while maintaining all of the  important kinesthetic benefits of learning through hands-on play.  We’re reinventing the piggy-bank by transforming it into a piggy-wallet.