SMILE- Smart Last-MILE Vaccine Cooling & Delivery System


According to World Health Organisation, 2 to 3 million children die every year of a vaccine-preventable disease. There are still 19 million children who are not getting basic vaccinations. This is largely because the current vaccine carriers used at the last-mile delivery journey can only cool vaccines up to 14 hours under strict temperature range (2 to 8C). This causes 20 to 50 percent of the vaccines get spoiled along the last-mile journey. This equates 600 million dollars’ worth of vaccines are wasted every year. Our team Ideabatic's solution to this global health challenge is SMILE. SMILE is portable, light, temperature controlled and regulated, reusable, recyclable and has indefinite cooling capacity using a combination of energy harvesting systems. So the typical last mile journey is easily covered. With SMILE, vaccines aren't compromised (no vaccine wastage) thanks to our patent-pending features. We aim to reach out every child however difficult the journey is.