Household Farming of Insects to Reduce Undernourishment and Malnutrition


795 million people in the world still do not have enough food to lead healthy active lives. This project aims to co-create sustainable cricket farming solutions to reduce undernourishment and malnutrition in developing countries where insects are already eaten. A proof of concept project is ready to be launched in Cambodia before the project can be launched worldwide. In Cambodia, the population eats insects, but they are captured in the wild and often at night. However, crickets are easy to breed, requires little feed, water & space, emit very few GMG gasses and can live from organic waste. A cricket household farm can provide a family with an additional food source that contains crucial elements missing from the average Cambodian diet, e.g. protein, Zink, Iron, and Vitamin A. A handbook developed in collaboration with NGO InnoAid supports the co-creation of a farming solution with the locals, which ensures that the farmers will feel the value of the project and maintain their farms.