Picterus - Smartphone-based monitoring of jaundice in newborns


Every year more than 100.000 newborns die from jaundice, and many children grow up with permanent disabilities due to the condition. Jaundice is easily treated with phototherapy, but existing diagnostic tools are too expensive to penetrate the market in developing countries. Even in high-income countries parents have to monitor their own children’s jaundice after leaving the hospital, causing stress and uncertainty, and resulting in many unnecessary trips to the hospitals. Picterus is a mobile application that can solve these challenges by providing a simple tool for monitoring and diagnosing jaundice. By taking pictures of the newborn with a color calibration card placed on the chest of the child, the app is able to estimate the severity of the jaundice. When launched in late 2017, the application will provide health care workers with an efficient and cheap diagnostic tool that can save lives, while also allowing parents to safely monitor their child’s jaundice from home.