Luci Lantern

Spotted by Bernard Benny

In the developed world, access to electric light is a given. But for 1.2 billion people around the world, electricity — and the light that comes with it — is a tenuous and treasured resource. Without it, store owners close shop early, students can’t do their homework, and productivity drops. Developing communities need a better option. Can solar energy — free, clean, and readily available — be a viable lighting solution? Luci is a 4-ounce lantern that can light up a 10 square-foot space for 12 hours on an 8-hour charge, and collapses to be an inch thick. Unlike lanterns made of molded plastic, Luci has no parts that can break or snap off. Because the lantern is fully waterproof, it’s even viable in emergency situations like floods and storms — unlike kerosene.