The Apnosystems Infant Care System


Premature, low birthweight babies, post-operative babies and those with congenital defects are at higher risk. Such infants may suffer critical situations during sleep resulting in temporary brain damage, permanent brain damage, or death. The device can also help to protect babies with diagnosed unstable airway conditions. If an airway obstruction results in low blood oxygen saturation, the device detects the hypoxia and provides an intervention stimulus. ApnoSystems’ Infant Care System (ICS) device is a pulse-oximetry based rescue garment worn by an infant on the hand or foot. It communicates wirelessly with the caregiver’s tablet or smartphone, where an application resides with a user interface. The device monitors heart rate and blood oxygenation. Detecting and interrupting dangerous sleep episodes is theoretically the best mechanism of rescue for infants at risk as premature babies, babies with unstable airway condition and more situations where the babies need home monitoring.