Rescued Chutneys & Pickles


Our current food system overproduces, gratuitously packages and wastes usable food. The mother and son team that is Eat Me Chutneys, rescues wonky, wounded and unsold produce to create their ‘epic’ organic chutneys and pickles. We call them Rescued Chutneys, for they aim to make the world better, one jar at a time. We initially offered to buy unsold and overripe produce at various farmers' markets (for thats what makes best chutneys and pickles) however the roles soon reversed and now farmers approach us with unsold produce. In this era of convenience and insane consumerism buying a jar of chutney makes for an easy way to inform, educate and allow our fellow humans to help reduce food wastage. We complete the loop, by running chutney-making classes to educate people especially important when globally 40% of food is wasted at consumer level.